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Community Interest Company (CIC)

After a community submits an initial list of properties who are interested in getting FTTP (see How It Works section) Openreach will undertake a survey of the community layout (location of properties) and infrastructure to determine the installation costs. Openreach's policy, to reduce their financial risk, is to then provide the the community with two quotes. The first is the actual cost of the installation and the second is 20% higher.

If, through pledges from properties, the community can meet or exceed the higher figure, Openreach will proceed with the installation by dealing with the village Project Team directly.

If, through pledges from properties, the community can only meet the lower figure, Openreach require the community to set up a Community Interest Company (CIC).

A CIC is a limited company, with special additional features, created for the use of people who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit, and not purely for private advantage. The link to the Wikipedia page below will tell you much more about CICs and the links to UK Government sites will show you what actions are required to set up a CIC (it can be done on line and is fairly straight forward). In our case, the Bishopstone FTTP Project CIC would be not-for-profit and the Directors, that are required by law, would not be paid.

However in our case the pledges from properties have exceeded the higher quote requested by Openreach by a significant margin and there is therefore, at this time, no requirement for the Bishopstone FTTP Project Team to set up a CIC.

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