Bishopstone Village FTTP Project

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******* WE'VE DONE IT! *******

Openreach have moved the project into "build" - Ultrafast FTTP broadband is on its way to the Western half of Bishopstone village.

Welcome to the Bishopstone Village FTTP Project website.

Here you will find information about the project to bring Ultrafast (more than 100 Mb/s and up to 1Gb/s) Broadband to all the properties inside the area of Bishopstone shown on the map below, who would like it.

The properties inside this area are connected to the Broad Chalke telephone exchange and have slow, unreliable broadband connections. The properties to the east of this area are connected to the Coombe Bisset telephone exchange and many of them can already receive Ultrafast Broadband.

Ultrafast Broadband will transform our village making it an even more desirable place to live and work. Specifically, it will:

  • Allow everyone in a household to be online at the same time - supporting WFH, home schooling, fast media streaming, video calls and gaming

  • Ensure no drop in broadband speed at peak times

  • Increase the value of our properties and the efficiency of our businesses

  • Cost us nothing to have it installed into the village

  • Cost us very little more (possibly nothing) per month than we are already paying for slow, unreliable broadband

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You are probably wondering why the Bishopstone FTTP Project exists well, a little history on the UK Government Position on Full-Fibre Broadband will make it clear.

Latest News

19 Nov 21 Openreach have confirmed we have achieved our target! They have moved the project into "Build" status. You can see what will happen now in detail in Block 8 on the "How It Works" page of this website

01 Nov 21 DCMS emails have begun to arrive. Please ensure you reply promptly.

15 Oct 21 The DCMS has approved our project. Those whose names were supplied to Openreach will soon receive an email from the DCMS asking them to confirm their request for a FTTP connection.

23 Aug 21 The Project Team has submitted the final list of names to Openreach.

10 Aug 21 The project Team has now received formal replies from each property (see The List) and is ready to send it to Openreach.

30 Jun 21 Final offer received from Openreach and accepted. Meeting with Openreach on Mon 12 Jul 21 to discuss final details. We will begin asking all properties who expressed an interest for their permission to send their personal details to Openreach this week.

20 Apr 21 We have heard back from Openreach with an estimated cost which is well within the amount we will get from the vouchers. We have told Openreach we wish to proceed and have asked for a final offer. Once this is received, in hopefully 2-3 weeks, we should be able to contract with Openreach to start the installation.

11 Apr 21 118 properties now signed up and we have submitted all details to Openreach.

3 Apr 21 110 properties now signed up. We are now entering the details in the Openreach portal in preparation to contracting with them by the end of the month. If you have not told us you would like FTTP, now is your last chance.

19 Mar 21 104 properties now signed up, we we will be closing the list in one week. New Government Broadband Voucher Scheme announced; we are awaiting details but looks the same so far.

13 Mar 21 We now have 103 properties signed up. No news of the new voucher scheme yet. We believe it will be the same as the current one.

3 Mar 21 We are now waiting for details of the new voucher scheme, due out today.

19 Feb 21 An additional 10 properties have now signed up.

18 Feb 21 We have received a formal quotation back from Openreach.

The UK Government Position on Full-Fibre Broadband

The government once proposed that full-fibre broadband coverage would be available to all UK homes by 2033. This was subsequently brought forward by Prime Minister Johnson, during his election campaign, to 2025. The Government has now back-tracked again and rather than commit to the 2025 deadline, now only says it will achieve nationwide coverage "as soon as possible". In the current economic climate we can all guess what this means.

Therefore, in reality, it is going to be many years before full-fibre broadband is installed in Bishopstone if we just wait for it to happen. We cannot wait that long as our lives and businesses now rely on fast internet access and it is going to be even more important and necessary to have a fast and reliable service in the future.

Fortunately there is another option, the Government Broadband Voucher Scheme and this is the way we will be able to get full-fibre Broadband installed in Bishopstone in about 18 months, probably sooner.

The Broadband Voucher Scheme

To accelerate the roll-out of Ultrafast Broadband, particularly into rural areas (like Bishopstone), that would normally have to wait many years to have it installed, the Government has introduced the Broadband Voucher Scheme. This is being managed by the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), Click on their logo to visit their website.

This scheme enables a community to get together and request vouchers from the Government to pay for the fibre network to be installed in their area more quickly. The vouchers are issued for each property or business in the communities' area that want Ultrafast broadband. If they have enough participants the value of the vouchers will cover the full cost of the fibre network installation.

More details can be found here: The Government Broadband Voucher Scheme

Enough Bishopstone properties have now expressed an interest in wanting Ultrafast Broadband to more than cover the costs of the installation so the Project Team is going ahead and working with Openreach to make it happen.

Bishopstone FTTP Project