Bishopstone Village FTTP Project

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Properties Signed Up for FTTP

The following properties, in the area of Bishopstone covered by this project (see Home page), have formerly asked for FTTP and their details have now been submitted to Openreach:

Bridge Road

Rose Cottage
The Bridges
Little Bridge House

The Cross

The Garage
1 The Cross
2 The Cross
Yew Tree House
The Old Post Office
Arley House
Briar Cottage
Croucheston Cottage
Croucheston Farm
Croucheston Farm Office

Harvest Lane

The House
Bramley Cottage
Windy Ridge

Netton Street

Croft Cottage
Mayfly Cottage
West End Cottage
19 Netton Street
20 Netton Street
21 Netton Street
Netton Old Farmhouse

Broad Chalke Road

The Old Malthouse
Dairy House
2 Netton Farm
Old Bakehouse


Dairy Cottage
Red House
Ferngrove House
Walnut House
The Stables

Croucheston Drove

Drove Cottage
Drove Farm
Applewood House

High Road

Orchard House
Netton House

Pitts Lane

Post Office Cottage
The Cottage
Styles Cottage
The Old Farmhouse
Netton Cottage
Webbs Cottage
15 Pitts Lane

Butt Lane

Vella House
White Heart Pub
Village Hall

Faulston Lane

Faulston House
Faulston House Barn
1 Faulston Cottages
4 Faulston Cottages
5 Faulston Cottages
6 Faulstone Cottages
7 Faulston Cottages

Faulston Barns

1 Faulston Barns
2 Faulston Barns
3 Faulston Barns
6 Faulston Barns

The Green

Sedge Cottage

The Styles

1 The Styles
3 The Styles
4 The Styles

Chapel Lane

Middle House
Ebble Lodge
The Hollies
Ash Tree
The Old Chapel

Flamstone Street

Ebblestone Barn
The Barn
Stable Cottage
Old Dairy
Wheelwright Cottage
Lower Thatch
Flamstone House
31 Flamstone Street
34 Flamstone Street
The Lodge
Flamstone Park
Bridge House
Three Horsehoes

The Croft

1 The Croft
2 The Croft
3 The Croft
4 The Croft
5 The Croft
6 The Croft
7 The Croft
8 The Croft
10 The Croft
12 The Croft
13 The Croft
14 The Croft
15 The Croft
16 The Croft
17 The Croft
20 The Croft
23 The Croft
24 The Croft
25 The Croft
26 The Croft
27 The Croft (Linden Hse)
28 The Croft (Sandgate)

Bishopstone FTTP Project