Bishopstone Village FTTP Project

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How It Works - The Path to FTTP

This is the process we are following to get a full-fibre network installed in the western end of Bishopstone Village in order that those properties that want it can have a FTTP connection.

1. Form a Village Project Team and canvas interest for FTTP.

The village forms a small Project Team and through notices in the Parish Magazine (STAB), on the village web site and by leaflet drops assesses interest in having FTTP. If the numbers of properties wanting it looks promising (more that 50 for a village of this size) then the project proceeds. The Project Team identifies what it needs to do to (this flow chart), sets up a website and starts to communicate with Openreach.

2. Express an interest with Openreach, enter property names in their portal and formerly request a quote.

In order for Openreach to be able to survey the village and give a cost for the fibre-network installation they need the locations of the properties that want FTTP. These are entered into their portal and a request for a quote is formerly submitted.

3. Receive a formal quote from Openreach and assess financial viability of the project.

Openreach survey the village and send out a quote. The Project Team compare the quote with the value of the vouchers they will receive from the DCMS. If the voucher value exceeds the cost of the quote (with some leeway in case people change their minds or properties change hands) then the project can proceed.

4. Formally sign up properties wanting a full-fibre broadband connection.

The Project Team contacts each property (by email and/or by letter) asking them to confirm that they still want to proceed and will, at the end, take out a new fibre broadband contract with their chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP). To comply with GDPR, they also ask if they can share their personal data with Openreach. The Project Team then submit personal details (name, email address and telephone number) to Openreach using a template supplied by Openreach.

5. Openreach request Broadband Vouchers from the DCMS.

Openreach confirm the details submitted by the Project Team align with their village property data and then submit this list to the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and request a Broadband Voucher for each property and business.

6. DCMS email each property to confirm the request for FTTP.

You MUST reply within 28 days. This is to prevent fraud by Openreach and/or the Bishopstone FTTP Project Team. It confirms to the DCMS that you are a genuine customer, you want a full-fibre connection and you will take out a new Ultrafast Broadband contract with an ISP of your choice once Openreach have installed the network. Once you have confirmed this, the DCMS will activate a Broadband Voucher for your property.

7. The Broadband Vouchers are activated by the DCMS.

Once Openreach have been informed by the DCMS that the required number of Broadband Vouchers have been activated (to cover the installation costs) they will begin planning the installation.

8. Openreach install the full-fibre broadband network.

Openreach will inform the Project Team of their plans and these will be published in STAB, on this website and you will be informed by email. The installation must be completed within 12 months of the vouchers being activated. The disruption to the village should be minimal as the fibre network will be installed in/on the current infrastructure (poles and ducts) used by the copper network. The copper network will remain in place to provide broadband and telephone services to those properties that do not want the advantages of FTTP.

Delivery falls into roughly 4 stages:

Survey officers will check that the physical geography and plan lines up with what Openreach have on their systems. They will also identify if any traffic management or road closures will be required.

Engineers will design a solution based on the survey to give the best speeds possible. They will order equipment and create a detailed installation plan.

Building of the Network
The work will begin anywhere on the network from the local area back to the exchange. The first job is to prepare the existing network for the new fibre. Once installed it will be tested to check it will deliver the required speeds. The project then moves onto the final stage of commissioning.

Commissioning is where final tests and physical audits ensure everything is compliant. Openreach will update their systems and inform internet service providers (ISP) so they can also update their systems. At this stage Openreach will let us know that Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband is available to us and orders can be placed with our chosen ISPs.

BT have announced that from 2025 customers will receive telephone services via IP, which carries calls over a broadband connection (rather than the current PSTN). Those properties who do not have FTTP will potentially notice a further degradation in their broadband speed when their telephone is being used.

BT have also announced that the legacy copper network will eventually be replaced and this will force all customers to move to FTTP connections.

9. Each property orders the installation of a new, faster, full-fibre connection from their chosen ISP.

The Project Team will inform each property when the full-fibre network has been installed. The new connection has to be at least 30 Mb/s or twice their existing speed, whichever is the faster. The chosen ISP will arrange for the connection from the nearest fibre network node, installed by Openreach, to the property. The ISP will provide all the necessary equipment for to connect to the internet. Existing land line telephone numbers (if the properties have one) will remain unchanged.


Properties will not be able to do this until Openreach have completed their installation of the full-fibre network as the ISPs will not recognise that they are capable of having a FTTP connection until then. We cannot yet confirm which ISPs they will be able to use but we will publish this information as soon as it is available.

The future cost of new full-fibre contracts cannot be determined now. Currently, ISPs are offering very competitive new Ultrafast Broadband deals and upgrades that are in some cases the same cost as FTTC or just a few pounds more per month. As the installation nears completion the Bishopstone FTTP Project Team will publish information on the available ISPs and their deals.

10. Properties will receive an email from the DCMS asking them to confirm they have a new FTTP contract set up with an ISP.

Once Openreach have completed the installation of the full-fibre broadband network across the village they will inform the DCMS that the work is complete. The DCMS will email each property asking for confirmation that they have fulfilled their obligation to take out a new FTTP contract with the ISP of their choice. Their reply in the positive releases the voucher to Openreach to pay for the network installation. Failure to take out a new contract will cause the Bishopstone FTTP Project Team significant problems.

Enjoy your new, much faster and more reliable broadband!.

Bishopstone FTTP Project